Tips for First-Time Movers

3 Things You Can Do To Ensure The Safety Of Your Belongings While They Are In Long-Term Storage

Many people need to put their belongings in long-term storage. This is a great way to clear up space in your house, or keep things safe while you move or transition to a new phase of life. The concern that most people have with long-term storage is if it is will be safe. There are a couple things that you can do to make sure that your things are safe. Here are some tips. 1. Get A Climate-Controlled Unit There are many storage unit facilities that offer climate controlled units. This is well worth the money and can protect your things from becoming ruined. These units will help to control the temperature, and most importantly humidity. Moisture is one of the most dangerous things for your furniture and belongings. If you are going to pay all that money to store your things, and when you think about how much all of your belongings are worth, it is worth the extra payment each month to get climate-controlled. 2. Store Your Things Properly Second, even if you have a climate controlled unit you still need to store your things properly. The first thing you should do is keep all furniture off the ground. Get cinder blocks or something to prop up the furniture. The ground holds the most moisture and is the most susceptible to temperature change. By not having them touch the ground you are protecting them. Second, you should loosely drape all of the furniture with fabric so that it is protected from the dust in the air. Dust can damage the furniture, but if you wrap the furniture too tight in plastic wrap it can cause problems with the moisture. This is why you should use a large piece of fabric. Lastly, polish all furniture before it is stored. When you polish the furniture it provides a lawyer of protection. It will protect both wood and leather from breaking and absorbing the moisture in the air. 3. Add An Extra Lock To Your Unit Storage facilities generally do a good job with security. However, yours shouldn’t depend on them completely to keep your belongings safe. Instead, you should add additional locks of your own on your individual unit. This way if the facility is broken into, your unit will have extra protection. By doing these simple things you can protect your belongings and be confident that while they are […]

Three Tips For Avoiding Common Storage Oversights

Renting a storage unit can be one of the best options for making sure that your home does not become cluttered with items that you rarely need. While renting a storage unit can be a remarkably simple task, it can be easy for individuals to make oversights that can expose their possessions to a higher risk of being damaged while in storage. If you will be renting a storage unit in the near future for the first time, you should make sure to keep the following few tips in mind to make sure that this experience goes as smoothly as possible for you. Know When To Opt For A Climate Controlled Unit If you will be needing to store electronics, artwork or other sensitive items, you will likely want to opt for a climate controlled unit. Traditional storage units are unable to control the humidity and temperature, which can expose sensitive items to damaging conditions. You can greatly reduce this risk by keeping these items in climate-controlled storage units. These units can be customized so that you can ensure that your possessions are stored at the optimal temperature and humidity levels. Control Dust Accumulations It can be possible for a large amount of dust to gather on stored possessions. When it comes to artwork and electronics, this dust can create serious issues. It can cause electronics to short-circuit, and it can cause artwork to appear dull. By covering these items with cloth sheets, you will be able to prevent dust from gathering on your stored possessions. Additionally, the cloth will not be prone to create condensation, which can further minimize any risks of water damage occurring.   Keep The Unit Organized Your method of organizing the storage unit will be extremely important because it will determine the amount of work that you must do to get items out. If you make the mistake of failing to have an organizational plan, you may find that you will need to empty much of the unit before you are able to locate a particular item. When organizing your storage unit, you should make sure to leave aisles that will be wide enough to allow you to easily walk through. Additionally, any boxes should be clearly labeled, and the storage unit should be divided into storage zones for different types of objects. Lastly, you will want to make sure that the boxes have a […]

Four Jobs To Get Done Before Your Moving Crew Arrives

When you hire a moving crew, you can expect that a figurative and literal load will be taken off your shoulders on moving day. However, as the big day gets closer, it’s still beneficial to spend time preparing so that you’ll keep the movers busy for the entire time that you’ve booked them. Getting a handful of jobs done before the crew’s arrival means that you can take advantage of the crew’s strong muscles instead of having the members stand around while you decide what task to give them. Here are four jobs to get done before the crew gets to your house.   Take Apart The Beds Unless they’re disassembled, beds are difficult and awkward to move throughout your home, so it’s a good idea to take apart any bed frames and have them neatly piled in their respective bedrooms for the movers to grab. A screwdriver and a wrench or a couple Allen wrenches are typically enough to take beds apart. If you want to go the extra mile, think about wrapping pieces of the frame together with clear stretch wrap to make them easier to carry. Unhook And Prepare The Appliances Although you might be leaving some appliances behind, it’s important to prepare any that you’ll be taking to your new house. Remove the contents of appliances such as the fridge and freezer, undo the water hoses for your washing machine and unplug all appliances. It’s smart to tape the power cord to the rear of each appliance so it doesn’t drag or otherwise get in the way, Load Clothing Into Wardrobe Boxes Clothing is one of the things that often gets overlooked on moving day – it’s difficult to pack, so it can hang in your closet as you fret about what to do with it. Prepare for the moving crew’s arrival by loading your folded clothing into boxes and suitcases and putting your hanging items into wardrobe boxes. These tall boxes that are equipped with a hanging rod are a worthwhile investment and will allow the crew to move your clothing quickly and easily. Set Aside The Items You Want In Your Own Vehicle If you’ve packed a few boxes of specific personal items that you want to transport on your own so you’ll have easy access to them upon arriving at the new house, make sure they’re not in the way. A mover could […]

Tips For Planning Your Move

If you are planning a move in the near future, then you want to make sure that you are as protected as possible. You want to simultaneously make sure that your belongings will be protected and that you will get your money’s worth. To help make sure that your move goes as smoothly and successfully as possible, here are some tips to follow: Understand Your Rights First of all, you should know that you have some very specific rights when it comes to moving. These rights are listed and protected by the government, which means that you can pursue legal action if these rights are violated. Among other things, you: May be present when your shipment is weighed, and may request that it can be re-weighed. Have the right to ask for and be granted written estimates. May ask for the availability of various dates for pickup and delivery. If you feel that your rights have been violated, then you could consider talking to a lawyer about your best course of action. Discuss Everything Important with Your Mover Before you commit, you want to ask your potential movers absolutely every question that you have. You will want to know when the move will happen, how the process will work, how much you will be charged, and what will happen if something goes wrong. You need to know if there is moving insurance involved and exactly what your options are if something is damaged during the move. You will commonly be directed to a dispute settlement program, which is a means of resolving any conflicts between you and the moving company. Pay Attention During Pickup and Delivery You want to make sure that you are present at all stages of the actual pickup and delivery. If something goes wrong at either of these stages, then you want to be able to identify the problem as quickly as possible. You won’t have control over your belongings while they are being shipped, but you can have some control during pickup and delivery. If something is missed during pickup or is not deposited during delivery, then you want to talk to the movers about it as quickly as possible. If you fail to notice either of these until long after the event, then you might have a lot more trouble resolving your issue. To this end, you want to make sure that you keep detailed lists […]

Packing Help From A Moving Company: It’s Often Worth The Cost

If you’ve got a local house move coming up, the packing phase may already be making you nervous. You’re likely already thinking that your belongings are multiplying on their own, appearing out of nowhere. When packing, you have the option of doing it yourself or letting the movers do it, but it’s easy to get hung up on the cost versus the time and effort. Here’s a look at how each option can affect you and your life during and after the move. Packing Yourself If you pack everything yourself, you know you’ll save the money that you would otherwise pay the movers for their packing services. You may be able to save money on moving supplies if you can find very cheap or secondhand boxes, and if you already have packing tape on hand, that’s more money saved. Best of all, you can pack things together in the way you want. If you want certain books to go to in certain boxes, you can do that. However, you’ll also need a lot more time to pack everything yourself. Plus, if you pack your belongings and they break during the move due to inadequate packing, you are not going to get any reimbursement from the moving company. If saving money is more important to you than saving time, and you’re OK with the risk that your belongings could break, packing yourself might be your best option. Letting the Movers Pack This is a timesaver for sure. Movers are so experienced at packing that they can dismantle a home in just a few hours, packing everything securely. You’re free during that time to take care of other moving-related issues, and you don’t have to worry about twisting and bending as you get everything into boxes. The movers use new packing supplies for every move, and if something breaks, the moving company has to reimburse you. Of course, the downsides are that this will cost you more money because you’ll be paying the movers for their services. Plus, goods from different rooms could end up in the same boxes, and unpacking could take you longer because you have to find everything. But if you really want to save time and not worry about losing access to items as you gradually pack them away, go with asking the movers to pack. This is a much faster method that will make the move seem […]

5 Of Your Possessions That Need Climate Control

Many items you have in storage might stand up rather easily to temperature fluctuations. However, others absolutely need to be stored in a climate controlled unit so that they don’t become damaged or destroyed naturally over time as they are left to sit in a self-storage units. The following are five examples of potentially very valuable items that absolutely must be stored in a climate-controlled self-storage unit: Photographs Family snapshots are irreplaceable, and they are also highly susceptible to damage from temperature extremes. It’s easy for the ink from photo prints that are stacked one on top of another to blend together and become distorted.  You should not only ensure that photographs are stored in heated, climate-controlled units, but you should also make sure that the front of photos that are stored are not facing one another. Storing photos with their fronts together can leave them more susceptible to visual distortions with or without temperature extremes.  Furniture pieces Many different types of furniture can become damaged if they are subject to extreme temperatures. Wooden furniture components will expand when they are exposed to heat and contract when they are exposed to the cold. Also, leather furniture can be discolored and subject to mildew infestations because of temperature extremes.  Special collectors items Collectors items like old coins, comic books, stamps, and bottles of fine wine could become ruined if they are exposed to very low temperatures.  Musical instruments Storing a musical instrument is often about more than merely being able to make music in the future. It’s also about maintaining the condition of a special keepsake that often has significant emotional value for the owner.  Whether you’re storing a percussion, brass, or string instrument, cold temperatures can cause severe damage. Instrument parts will naturally expand and contract as they are subject to temperature changes. This can cause piano strings to become warped, brass instruments to become subject to corrosion and bacterial growth, and violin and guitar strings to snap.  Storing a musical instrument in a heated storage unit will ensure that instrument parts won’t contract and possibly break during periods of cold weather.  Business documents like deeds and titles Sensitive business documents proving your ownership of valuable possessions need to be protected from fading or becoming discolored because of exposure to moisture and extreme temperatures.  Even if your business documents are stored electronically, temperature control will protect electronic storage devices like […]

No Room For A Home Library? Turn A Storage Unit Into A Reading Room

While renting a storage unit is often done due to the need for more storage space that the home does not provide, there are multiple other uses to be considered. If you enjoy reading and are living in a home or apartment that does not provide adequate room for your library, it might be best to rent a storage unit that can be filled with books and a comfortable reading area. Invest in Several Tall Bookcases Finding a proper space for all your books can be difficult if you don’t have any kind of storage solution already set up in the storage unit. Instead of stacking books or leaving them in boxes, try to incorporate some tall bookcases. If you’re working with a budget, you can even use mismatched bookcases found at yard sales or thrift stores. If you’re someone that is unhappy with a lot of empty space, you can even add to your existing library with discount books from thrift stores to help fill the bookcases. Get a Comfortable Chair or Couch To get comfortable in your personal reading room, you need to invest in some kind of seating solution. While sitting upright works for some people, others may want to lay down and would prefer a short couch. Whatever you choose, try to find seating that won’t take up too much room so that you can still use a small sized storage unit to save money. Invest in Task Lighting Even if overhead lighting is already present in your storage unit, it’s a smart idea to get task lighting as well. Small task lights that mimic natural light can help provide you with the lighting you need to read clearly and without any eye strain. Opt for Climate Control When comparing storage unit facilities, it’s a good idea to take into account how the units are cooled. Indoor facilities likely already have each unit hooked up with climate control, so it’s important to ask questions if you’re considering an outdoor storage facility. Not only will the controlled temperature help keep you comfortable, it will also help reduce the chance of any damage to your books. Purchase a Decorative Rug Storage units often aren’t the most attractive in appearance and it can difficult to personalize them if you’re used to displaying art on your walls since you can’t do this easily in the unit. Instead, consider lying down […]

Tips to Save On Your Movers

Moving can be a very time-consuming and a physically demanding job to do, and if you are not equipped with the proper vehicle or help, then this job can be even harder than you would like it to be. To ensure that your move is completed fast and with ease, you will want to avoid doing your move yourself and consider hiring professional movers. If you have concerns about the cost of hiring movers then you may want to find ways to make sure that you pay as little as possible. A few great ways to save are to do the following: Reduce the Amount of Items Needed to be Moved: If you have many small items that you may or may not need, then you may want to consider doing a thorough clean up and either throwing out or moving the small items to your new home yourself. Moving the items that you are able to will relieve some of the workload that your movers will have, which will minimize the time that they will need to help and this will lower your rates. Give Your Movers a Good Work Space: Instead of piling every box in one corner of your home, move these boxes to the front of your home and avoid spreading them out. Compressing everything in an area towards the front of your home will allow your movers to work faster, as they will be able to grab each box and load it to the truck more efficiently. This will shorten the labor and will help you save more than you think, so be sure that you organize your boxes neatly towards the front of your home to provide your movers with a great work area. Hire a Company With Many Truck Sizes: If your movers have to make multiple trips between your old and new home because they are unable to fit all of your items in one delivery, then you are going to be paying more as you will have to hire your movers for a longer period of time. To ensure your move is as cheap as possible, hiring a moving company that offers multiple size trucks is important. This will allow you to seek services with a truck size that will allow your move to be completed in one easy trip. Taking the time to implement these methods and tips into your […]

How To Get Started Making Space For Your Family Gatherings This Winter

When you are making plans with family to get together over the winter season, whether it is on the holidays or at another time that proves more convenient for the members of your family, you find yourself wondering how you are going to be able to fit all of those people into your home. After all, you want your family to enjoy their time at your house and to feel comfortable in their accommodations. Before you just begin shoving everything you own into your closets until they are overflowing, get to know some of the different ways that you can make space for your family gatherings this winter. That way, you can better maximize your space and make your family more comfortable when you all get together. Rent A Storage Unit For Your Extra Stuff Whether you have a small house or simply have a lot of possessions, it may be beneficial for you to rent a storage unit for some of the things you do not need over the holiday season. For example, if you have a playroom for your kids or a cluttered office space or den for yourself, you may be thinking of having family members stay in those rooms for your holiday gatherings. By using a storage rental, you can temporarily move toys, books, or other clutter from those rooms out without having to get rid of anything. You will also be able to still use and access your closets rather than worry that they may spring open and spill out at any bump or attempt to open them. Storage units are often rented on a month-to-month basis and you can pick and choose the right size for yourself. Generally speaking, a small or medium storage unit can hold all of the contents of a medium bedroom or standard family or living room. This would give you the freedom to make your usually full rooms into spacious guest rooms. Use Day Beds, Futons, And Air Mattresses For Sleeping Accommodations Once you have some space cleared out where you can fit your family members in your home, the next step is figuring out what they are going to sleep on. You want to be sure that you have furniture that can be comfortable for your family members to get some shut-eye, but you also do not want to clutter your home with full-size beds everywhere. This is […]

Self-Packing Tips For An International

Moving your valuables to another country requires some special considerations when you are packing your boxes, including: Utilizing Hard-Case Luggage for Safe Packing of Breakable Items While you may be tempted to place your clothing into your hard-case luggage, it is better to utilize these fabulous containers for transporting breakable items. Instead of filling your luggage with soft textiles that are not likely to be damaged in boxes, instead use the valuable protected space for your: household electronics game systems tools collectible items If you have larger-sized items that need similar protection, you can use ice chests and large appliance void spaces in this same way.  Using Wine Shipping Boxes for Glassware Two of the most easily broken items during a move are kitchen items and collectible glassware. Thin and fragile glass items tend to crack and break no matter how well you wrap and try to protect them. The easiest way to prevent breakage of glassware is to use the boxes that wine and liquor companies use to ship their products to retailers. These boxes are fit with thick cardboard dividers that work very well to protect glass and ceramic items from breakage. You can ask local liquor and grocery stores to save their boxes for your upcoming move, and most stores will be happy to help you out. After your move, post on social media that you have the boxes available for the next person who is moving and this will recycle the boxes yet again. Storing Your Hardback Books in a Horizontal Orientation As your boxes jostle up and down in the container, your items will flex and move around. To prevent damage to your hardback book collection, stack your books on their covers and not on their spines or page ends. If your books are in a vertical position while they are in the moving truck, then their spines and bindings will become damaged from the movement of the truck. Leaving Behind Items that are Illegal to Transport  Finally, it is important that if you are self-packing for your container, then you need to know which items are not legal to transport to your country of destination. Some examples of items that are illegal to transport are: exotic pets plants alcoholic beverages In addition, there are some limitations about moving cleaning, home improvement, and garden chemicals as well. You can speak with a representative with your international moving […]