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tips for first-time movers

If you are one of the fortunate ones that haven't had to pack up an entire house or apartment and move yet and you have to do so, you aren't in for a whole lot of fun. Moving is a lot more work than most people realize until they are neck-deep in packing peanuts and moving boxes. My blog was created to help those first-time movers find their footing and create a plan that will make the process a little more easy. Take your time and peruse the included tips and hopefully, your big move won't be a big headache.

Helpful Tips For Moving Your Leather Furniture

The timeless look of leather furniture that allows it to fit beautifully with just about any decor is just one of the reasons it's so popular. When moving your leather furniture, you want to ensure that it looks just as great in your new home as it did in the old one. Properly preparing the furniture for moving is the best way to accomplish this. Make sure you know what to do.

Clean And Condition

Even if you are not planning to put your leather furniture in storage, it's a good idea to clean and condition it before your move. Oils and dirt naturally found on the skin and clothing as well as impurities in the air can all settle on the leather. When you wrap the furniture, these impurities can penetrate deeper into the leather, only increasing the risk of staining.

It's best to begin the cleaning and conditioning process several days before your move, especially if you are using a product for the first time. Starting early gives you time to test the cleaner in a small area first to ensure it doesn't cause damage.  

Double Wrap

Double wrap your leather furniture, even if it's just a short, local move. The first layer should be furniture blankets. The furniture blankets help protect the surface from dirt, tears, scuff marks and scratches, all of which can make the leather look worn. The second layer should be shrink wrap. This basically helps keep the blankets in place. When applying the shrink wrap, make sure you don't apply it to any leather areas that have not already been covered by the blankets.

Applying the plastic directly to leather will cause condensation, which can cause mildew to form, ultimately damaging the leather.

Plan Your Route

Although it's durable enough for everyday use, leather is still a very delicate fabric. In order to protect the furniture and help minimize damage, make sure you are planning your route before you attempt to move the furniture.

For example, the railing on a stairwell might not be a concern when moving a microfiber sofa or chair. However, with leather, even a slight rub against this hard surface is enough to cause scuffing or a rip, even if the leather is wrapped. Make sure you are planning your route to avoid as many obstacles as possible.

If the idea of moving your leather furniture seems stressful, there's help. A professional packing company like Bekins Van Lines Inc can take much of the stress of moving your leather and other furniture off of your hands. With a professional, you can have confidence that your household goods are protected.