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If you are one of the fortunate ones that haven't had to pack up an entire house or apartment and move yet and you have to do so, you aren't in for a whole lot of fun. Moving is a lot more work than most people realize until they are neck-deep in packing peanuts and moving boxes. My blog was created to help those first-time movers find their footing and create a plan that will make the process a little more easy. Take your time and peruse the included tips and hopefully, your big move won't be a big headache.

Packing Help From A Moving Company: It's Often Worth The Cost

If you've got a local house move coming up, the packing phase may already be making you nervous. You're likely already thinking that your belongings are multiplying on their own, appearing out of nowhere. When packing, you have the option of doing it yourself or letting the movers do it, but it's easy to get hung up on the cost versus the time and effort. Here's a look at how each option can affect you and your life during and after the move.

Packing Yourself

If you pack everything yourself, you know you'll save the money that you would otherwise pay the movers for their packing services. You may be able to save money on moving supplies if you can find very cheap or secondhand boxes, and if you already have packing tape on hand, that's more money saved. Best of all, you can pack things together in the way you want. If you want certain books to go to in certain boxes, you can do that.

However, you'll also need a lot more time to pack everything yourself. Plus, if you pack your belongings and they break during the move due to inadequate packing, you are not going to get any reimbursement from the moving company. If saving money is more important to you than saving time, and you're OK with the risk that your belongings could break, packing yourself might be your best option.

Letting the Movers Pack

This is a timesaver for sure. Movers are so experienced at packing that they can dismantle a home in just a few hours, packing everything securely. You're free during that time to take care of other moving-related issues, and you don't have to worry about twisting and bending as you get everything into boxes. The movers use new packing supplies for every move, and if something breaks, the moving company has to reimburse you.

Of course, the downsides are that this will cost you more money because you'll be paying the movers for their services. Plus, goods from different rooms could end up in the same boxes, and unpacking could take you longer because you have to find everything. But if you really want to save time and not worry about losing access to items as you gradually pack them away, go with asking the movers to pack. This is a much faster method that will make the move seem a lot easier on you.

If you'd like to ask moving companies about their rates for adding on packing services, call today. Good moving companies often have crowded schedules, so you'll want to schedule your moving and packing services as soon as you can. Talking to a moving company like Christos & Christos Moving and Storage can help you gain further insight as to whether professional packing services are right for you.