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If you are one of the fortunate ones that haven't had to pack up an entire house or apartment and move yet and you have to do so, you aren't in for a whole lot of fun. Moving is a lot more work than most people realize until they are neck-deep in packing peanuts and moving boxes. My blog was created to help those first-time movers find their footing and create a plan that will make the process a little more easy. Take your time and peruse the included tips and hopefully, your big move won't be a big headache.

Four Jobs To Get Done Before Your Moving Crew Arrives

When you hire a moving crew, you can expect that a figurative and literal load will be taken off your shoulders on moving day. However, as the big day gets closer, it's still beneficial to spend time preparing so that you'll keep the movers busy for the entire time that you've booked them. Getting a handful of jobs done before the crew's arrival means that you can take advantage of the crew's strong muscles instead of having the members stand around while you decide what task to give them. Here are four jobs to get done before the crew gets to your house.  

Take Apart The Beds

Unless they're disassembled, beds are difficult and awkward to move throughout your home, so it's a good idea to take apart any bed frames and have them neatly piled in their respective bedrooms for the movers to grab. A screwdriver and a wrench or a couple Allen wrenches are typically enough to take beds apart. If you want to go the extra mile, think about wrapping pieces of the frame together with clear stretch wrap to make them easier to carry.

Unhook And Prepare The Appliances

Although you might be leaving some appliances behind, it's important to prepare any that you'll be taking to your new house. Remove the contents of appliances such as the fridge and freezer, undo the water hoses for your washing machine and unplug all appliances. It's smart to tape the power cord to the rear of each appliance so it doesn't drag or otherwise get in the way,

Load Clothing Into Wardrobe Boxes

Clothing is one of the things that often gets overlooked on moving day – it's difficult to pack, so it can hang in your closet as you fret about what to do with it. Prepare for the moving crew's arrival by loading your folded clothing into boxes and suitcases and putting your hanging items into wardrobe boxes. These tall boxes that are equipped with a hanging rod are a worthwhile investment and will allow the crew to move your clothing quickly and easily.

Set Aside The Items You Want In Your Own Vehicle

If you've packed a few boxes of specific personal items that you want to transport on your own so you'll have easy access to them upon arriving at the new house, make sure they're not in the way. A mover could easily pick up one of these boxes and load it into the truck, so either set the boxes in a room with a sign asking for them not to be touched or put them in your trunk right away.